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How To Have A Long And Happy Marriage

“Till death do us part” are a part of traditional marriage vows that not always taken seriously. Marriage has turned into something that is easily thrown away.

Successful marriages don’t just happen. Successful, long term marriages happen because the couple works hard at the marriage.

After 40 years counseling relationship/marriages, I find that when individuals talk about their problems, each points to the other as the “cause of their difficulties”. Throughout the counseling process, I emphasize the importance of each person to accept responsibility for making the relationship better. This is easier said than done since the typical response is “Our marriage will be better when he/she changes”. Some individuals state that the really care about their significant other but are at a loss of words in terms of identify specific behaviors that go along with “caring”. The same is the case with such words as love, commitment, etc. In conclusion, “loving words” can only have meaning when they are backed up with specific actions.

The following concepts are difficult to achieve. Sometimes people do not know the particular skill sets that go along with the words. In this case couples need some guidance or counseling.

Never say the “D” word

There is no such thing as the perfect marriage

Communication is key

Trust each other


Friendship first

Hug and kiss and touch each other often

Vocalize appreciation

Play together, stay together

If these concepts seem appealing but hard to reach and you would like to have more information about “good” and “bad” marriages check out my web site at www.drronrice.com. I have an abundance of valuable information. If I can be helpful to you or someone you know, give me a call at (248) 760-2571. I would be glad to help. I have worked with over 500 couples in my career.

It is never to late to change and grow in order to have a more meaningful, satisfying, and happy life.

Quote: “Our marriage has always been a 50-50 proposition – with the possible exception of closet space” Gene Perret

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